ON-LINE Upper Cervical Biomechanics in the Equine (3CEs) AVCA/IVCA approved


SALE ENDS 2/1/24 – The Class consists of 3 Chapters on the Upper Cervical Biomechanics of the Equine.


Once you pay for the class you will receive a link within 12 hours to take the actual class online. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any issues

Prerequisite: Certified Animal Chiropractor (DCs and DVMs)

This Advanced Upper Cervical Biomechanics is the Equine Class consists of 3 Chapters (Courses).

In order to pass the class you need to watch all the segments in each chapter and take a quiz at the end of each chapter. Your progress will be monitored by the program, so we don’t recommend fast forwarding or skipping any part as you will not receive full credit. We hope this class will inspire you and take your animal chiropractic skills to the next level!

Enjoy, Dr. Petra Sullwold, Dr. Clayton Sullwold & Dr. Jay Komarek

Detailed Description per chapter:

Chapter 1:
Dr. Clayton Sullwold will cover chiropractic upper cervical concepts applied to the equine upper cervical complex. Lecture will cover, comparative anatomy of occiput, C1, and C2, x-ray analysis, and comparative biomechanics of the upper cervical spine in both human and horse.

Chapter 2:
Dr. Clayton Sullwold discusses the overarching concepts of chiropractic through subluxation, upper cervical philosophy and technique. He also teaches how to perform field listings on the horse in order to determine the misalignment of the upper cervical complex.  Planes of misalignment and upper cervical listings are also practiced and reviewed.

Chapter 3
Dr. Clayton Sullwold covers various clinical case studies with equine upper cervical.  Upper cervical setups and various techniques are demonstrated and discussed in both lecture and lab formats.  We will be discussing practicality of current adjusting techniques as well as newer techniques that have been time tested and yield the best result.  The 3rd hour concludes with what it will take to advance the profession in gaining better results with chiropractic upper cervical work in the animal world.









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